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Water is more and more significant resource, and there is increasing need nowadays for maximum usage of the water resource. This need has emerged after it was clear that water quality has a decreasing trend, as a consequence of constant and raising pollution, climatic changes and extreme space/time misbalance. Maximum water resource usage efficiency involves its efficient management, maximum efficiency of the hydrological potential of the water bodies (construction of the accumulations in a series), while the other sectors i.e. tourism, water supply, agriculture, energy, with optimal management of these system can achieve sustainability and safety regarding certain parameters.

In order to educate experts for water management resources in Western Balkans countries, in line with national and EU Policy, SWARM project no. 597888-EPP-1-2018-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP for the master curriculum development in water resource management in Western Balkans HEIs, has been launched within ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to define the themes for the water resource courses, in the framework of Lifelong Learning (LLL) activities.

We would like to kindly ask you to read all the questions very carefully and to express your attitudes by choosing the appropriate answer.

The survey is anonymous and all the data from this questionnaire will be used exclusively for the scientific analysis. Participation in the survey is on voluntary basis.


General details

Job Responsibilities as regards to Water Management in the organization

In your present position, how much time do you devote for carrying work related to Water Resources Management?

In your present position, what are your responsibilities for Water Resources Management? You may tick more than one.

Awareness, Knowledge to Water Resources Management Policy

How aware are you of the instruments for Water Resources Management?

Are you aware of the other national instruments that may incorporate Water Resources Management?

According to you, what is the level of compliance in your organization as regards to various actions described in the table below? Please tick, as you feel appropriate.

Training Need

Please read each of the abilities carefully and rate yourself and your colleagues on the same on the basis of five point rating scale. (Five is the highest and one is lowest)


Please indicate the areas of training needs for you and colleagues in your category to increase the competencies in managing WM services. You may tick more than one.

Please suggest the duration of training for your group. Please tick appropriate.

What is your preferred mode of training? You may tick more than one.

Are you willing to go to a certified training institution for receiving training on the identified areas of improvements for WM?

Technical Training

Indicate your preferable technical training. You may tick more than one.

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